(Must Read!) Benefits of Prenatal Exercise

The benefits of working out during pregnancy are numerous, though relatively unknown to the general public. Recent research has done away with the old way of thinking where pregnant women were scared to even lift a laundry basket. It’s important to remember that pregnancy is a physiological state, not a disease. Look at every other species on the planet during pregnancy and you will see that they continue their day-to-day acivities as if nothing has changed. (Example: A mountain goat doesn’t stop scampering up and down mountains just because she is pregnant.) Yet for the last century we humans have decided that the duration of pregnancy would be better spent on our backsides for fear of harming the baby. I would venture to say that the worst thing you could do to your developing baby (given that you have a normal healthy pregnancy) is undertake a sedentary lifestyle! Sitting on your butt and eating whatever you want is a sure fire way to gain tons of unnecesssary weight while putting you and your baby at risk for gestational diabetes. In addition, to optimize the healthy development of your placenta you need daily exercise. The placenta is responsible for transporting oxygen and nutrients to and from your baby. The better developed the placenta, the more nourished your baby will be. Not only that, but the groundbreaking field of epigentics is beginning to show that the first 9-months of a baby’s life in utero has life long health implications. What would you give to be able to eliminate your child’s chance of developing cancer, diabetes and heart disease before they are even born? This is just the tip of the iceberg, but some powerful stuff indeed. Read the list below for other benefits associated with exercise during pregnancy and ask yourself, ”am I taking the necessary steps to ensure my child’s health for the future?”.

Prenatal Benefits

  1. reduces or eliminates pregnancy related discomforts
  2. prevents and treats gestational diabetes
  3. improves calcium absorbtion, preventing hypertension, preeclampsia and future osteoporosis
  4. relieves tension, stress and possible depression
  5. increases your general strength, improving your ability to carry your larger belly
  6. reduces the strain on your upper back and neck
  7. reduces the strain and pressure on your lower back and sciatic nerve
  8. prevents “round shoulders” and improper posture
  9. increases energy
  10. improves immunity
  11. prevents excess weight gain
  12. boosts self esteem (better looking pregnant body)
  13. gives you a more positive outlook on your pregnancy and motherhood
  14. strengthens, tones and gives you better control of your pelvic floor muscles during labor
  15. improves your endurance, fitness level, and muscle control, for a faster, easier and less painful labor
  16. prevents or reduces the risk of labor complications
  17. reduces your chance of needing a C-section

Postpartum Benefits

  1. minimizes sretch marks
  2. minimizes postpartum blues or depression
  3. minimizes present or future urinary incontinence
  4. allows for faster recovery from pregnancy and labor
  5. reduces back strain from carrying and nursing your newborn
  6. increases energy and allows you to keep up with your baby
  7. gives you time for yourself
  8. improves your child’s health
  9. keeps your child calmer
  10. minimizes your child’s chance of having a weight problem
  11. improves your child’s neurological, mental and physical development

Still need convincing? Call me at 858-997-8286 or e-mail me at chad@babystepsfit.com so that I may recount to you the many successes that we have seen  first hand in our Baby-Steps Fitness Program.

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