Another Baby-Steps Birth Announcement

I am proud to announce that on Sunday March 6th at 9:34am my wife and I welcomed our second little boy into the world. His name is Cade Akeno Van Herpe and the way he came into the world couldn’t have been more different than it was with our first. Let me start by saying that my wife Juliann is a champion. After only 4-hours of labor she delivered our son naturally. By naturally I don’t mean vaginally, I mean no epidural. Anyone who has delivered with an epidural knows that epidurals RULE! I have heard epidurals described as sweet, warm, honey coarsing through your veins, systematically eliminating any ounce of pain you may be feeling while your child gets ready to split your pelvis wide open. By the time we checked into the hospital she was already 8cm dilated, which made the decision to forego the epidural a relatively easy one. Ten very painful minutes and three extremely violent pushes later our second little monster came into the world kicking and screaming weighing 6lbs. 14oz. and has been the most mellow baby ever since. I am so proud of my family and especially my wife who is the strongest, most determined and beautiful woman I have ever met. I am one lucky man.

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