The Importance of Protein During Pregnancy

  There are so many women having babies nowadays, that there is focus on health and pregnancy nutrition for mothers, now more than ever before.  Many women want to make sure that they’re eating all the right foods, getting enough exercise, and that they are paying attention to pregnancy nutrition, to make sure that they are healthy, and that they have the best childbirth experience possible.  And of course, they want to make sure that they produce healthy babies.  As such, women want to know the type of things that they should be putting into their bodies and from what food sources.  One thing that they are realizing is that they need to fill their bodies with protein.

There are many benefits to eating foods with protein when a mother is pregnant.  For one thing, protein helps to keep the mother lean.  While it’s true that a woman should gain enough weight to support her pregnancy, and it’s true that weight gain can’t be helped, she should make sure that she’s not gaining too much fat or too much water weight.  On the other hand, if she gains weight via lean muscle, this is a good thing.  Protein goes a long way to help a mother feel full so that she’s getting the pregnancy nutrition that she needs, without eating too many of the wrong foods that can cause health issues and discomfort.

Eating a diet rich in protein also helps to stabilize the mother’s blood sugar.  It’s common for some women to develop gestational diabetes, which is of course is dangerous for mother and child.  When she eats a diet that is rich in proteins, the proteins stabilize the blood sugar, which in turn prevents spikes and dips in one’s blood sugar.  If the mother experiences spikes and dips in her blood sugar, she’ll get symptoms such as dizziness, fainting, weakness, nausea, and hunger pangs.  Since she might experience these symptoms as a part of pregnancy, she doesn’t want to experience them any more than she has to.  They will make her uncomfortable, or they might even cause her to become bedridden.  On the other hand, when her blood sugar is a healthy and stabilized, she’ll feel full of energy, and she’ll be able to endure her daily task.

Proteins are made from amino acids, and amino acids are necessary for a strong and healthy placenta, as well as the production of red blood cells.  The placenta is the membrane that forms in the uterus, and it’s literally the lifeline between mother and child.  The placenta is where the baby gets its pregnancy nutrition, as well as its oxygen supply, so it’s very important that the mother is producing and maintaining a healthy and stable placenta.

With regards to where a mother can get her sources of protein, there are several.  She can get lean proteins from seafood such a shrimp, up to twice a week.  Many new mothers might be concerned about seafood during their pregnancy, but they simply need to make sure that they are eating sources of seafood that are low mercury.  She can also get sources of proteins from lean meats such as beef and chicken.  She should eat lean cuts of beef and chicken, and stay away from lunch meats.  This is because lunch meats are processed with a lot of sodium and nitrates.  These chemicals cause water bloating, pain, and how possibly high blood pressure.  She can also get her proteins from sources such as raw nuts and nut butters, eggs, and certain plants like leafy greens to ensure pregnancy nutrition.

A mother can get her pregnancy nutrition information online, or from her doctor and dietitians, to make sure that she’s having the healthiest pregnancy and childbirth experience possible.

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