Beat the “Baby Blues” with Exercise

Postpartum depression is commonly found in women who have recently given birth, some women suffer from it immediately afterwards, and for others it may take some time to appear.  The symptoms can be quite severe and if left untreated can continue for years.  As many as 80% of new mothers will experience some form of baby blues that can be very mild or severe depression. The lack of concentration and feeling of complete loneliness can overwhelm some new mothers. This makes it very hard to cope with their new baby.

Although this condition is a natural hormone imbalance that some women have it doesn’t make it any easier to deal with it. Exercise has been proven to help with the symptoms, and speed the recovery time up. Not only can this help with losing the baby weight, but also can help you to bond with other new mothers. When you have a baby your whole life changes and you can feel very alone. You may feel that you have no one to talk to, however, by joining some sort of fitness class it can drastically help with the postpartum depression.

When you first come home the thought of exercising at all may seem very daunting, and you may even dismiss the whole idea. However, if you can overcome that initial reaction joining an exercise class will help you to get back to your former self. Being a new mom is fantastic; however, it can bring some very mixed emotions. You will need a fantastic support network, and often if this can be other mom’s who are going through the same things as you.  Having someone to talk to that really understands how you are feeling is a fantastic way to deal with the postpartum depression.

The actual exercise that you are participating in will of course help you to regain your shape, lose the weight and be more confident. It will also offer you the opportunity to leave the house, and meet up with other new mom’s. It can become a social event that you will look forward to every week, helping you to recover from your postpartum depression faster. This condition is nothing to be embarrassed about, and learning to talk is a great tool when dealing with it.  You should ensure that the exercise that you choose is suited to a new mom. You do not want to push your body too far, and cause injury or further problems.

Remaining fit and healthy in the first few months can help you to cope with the new level of activity that you are experiencing. You will be surprised how active you will need to be, and your new baby will keep you moving. However, you also need contact with the outside world, and talking to other new moms can help you to remain calm and sane during this mad period in your life. When you exercise the endorphins kick into your body making you feel healthier and happier about everything. If you can work through your postpartum depression, you can begin to enjoy the time with your new baby.

For extra support and more info contact San Diego’s Postpartum Health Alliance. To furhter support the Postpartum Health Alliance join us for Mama Fest on May 20th 2011 at La Jolla Country Club.

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