Prenatal Vitamins For Autism Prevention

A recent study concluded that women who begin taking prenatal vitamins in the pregnancy-planning stage may be able to help reduce the chance of their child being born with an autism spectrum disorder. The study participants included 700 families with children between the ages 2-5. Mothers who took a daily prenatal vitamin for the three months leading up to getting pregnant were only half as likely to have a child diagnosed with autism as women who did not take the supplements.  

Prenatal vitamins are essential to a child’s developing brain because they contain high levels of Folic Acid and B vitamins. Often times a healthy diet just isn’t enough and a prenatal vitamin is required to fill in the nutritional gaps left behind. While more studies need to be conducted to confirm the correlation between prenatal vitamin suplementation and autism, the possibilities are exciting. Families have often looked to science to provide answers in helping reduce the risk of autism, but to no avail. Finally there is something these families can do. All it takes is a little planning!

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