Avoid Post-Baby Pounds!

It may take some hard work, dedication and time (which as a new mom is hard to come by), but making exercise a priority after baby arrives is a necessity for your health and the health of your future children. Recent research points to a significantly increased risk for gestational diabetes in subsequesnt pregnancies for women who pack on the pounds after their first pregnancy.

The study found that an average-height first-time mom that gains 12 to 17 pounds after delivering her first baby is twice as likely to develop gestational diabetes in her second pregnancy as a woman whose weight remained stable. Shockingly, the risk was three times greater for those women who gained 18 pounds or more, according to the study of 22,000 women.

The moral of the story is this: if you are planning on having more than one baby, you are going to have to earn it. Now grab your bub and your stroller and get movin’… Your future children will thank you!

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