Resistance Training and Core Conditioning Through Pregnancy

Resistance Training and Core Conditioning Throughout Pregnancy

Pregnancy poses a unique motivation to begin an exercise program. Although motivated, a new mom-to-be may be apprehensive about what forms of exercise are safe for the health of her and her unborn baby. Resistance training is one form of exercise that has often been called into question. Not long ago, participating in resistance training, weight lifting and core conditioning was considered inappropriate during pregnancy. The mentality being that these activities might be too stressful and cause injury to the mother or her unborn baby. Contrary to this opinion of the past, it is now widely recognized throughout the medical, birthing and fitness communities that resistance training provides many extraordinary benefits to both mother and baby.

Beneficial maternal side effects of a prenatal resistance training program:

-Controls excessive weight gain

-Increased strength and stamina to aid in labor and delivery

-Builds adequate strength for lifting and carrying your baby and heavy-baby equipment

-Improves your overall mental state during and after pregnancy

-Less maternal pregnancy discomfort reduces the unpleasant effects of the biomechanical changes in your body

-Prevents and treats pregnancy-induced diabetes

-Less strain and pressure on your lower back and sciatic nerve

-Increased self-esteem and improves self-image

-Helps you cope better with the stressors of pregnancy and new motherhood

Beneficial side effects that exercising moms can give their unborn children:

-Increased physical health scores, immediately upon birth and lasting into adulthood

-Minimizes your child’s chances of suffering from cancer, obesity, heart disease, diabetes or depression

-Increased intelligence scores for life

-Increased confidence & ability to self-soothe

-Fewer fetal interventions

-Fewer complications during delivery

In addition to the numerous benefits listed above, consistent resistance training and core conditioning makes the mom-to-be more likely to adopt other healthy lifestyle choices. Good habits established during this period can last a lifetime and provide profound benefits for the mother, baby, and other family members. Health conscious, active women serve as positive role-models for the rest of the family and are likely to pass on these healthy habits to their spouse and children. It is never too late to start, make the choice to begin healthier living today. Your family is counting on you!

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