Pregnancy Power Foods: Greek Yogurt

If you haven’t yet experienced the delicious taste and great health benefits associated with Greek yogurt, now is the time. Greek yogurt is much different than your run of the mill sugar-laden yogurt so often found in the aisles of the average U.S. supermarket. Not only does greek yogurt contain a fraction of the sugar but offers up 2-3 times the protein content of other yogurts. ┬áProtein serves as the building block of every cell in your developing baby’s body and is a crucial nutrient during periods of rapid growth. Greek yogurt is also a great source of calcium that goes into building baby’s bones, teeth, and nails that also helps spare your bone density and helps you avoid osteoporosis down the road. Last but not least, Greek yogurt contains probiotics that promote both intestinal and vaginal health.

Try Greek yogurt with a handful of your favorite berries and walnuts for a healthful snack that is sure to satisfy even the strongest sweet tooth. Also try adding it as a guilt free substitute for sour cream in lentil soup or grilled fish or chicken tacos.

Look for 2% or non-fat varieties of Chobani or Fage at your favorite specialty stores like Whole Foods, Trader Joes or Henry’s Market. Enjoy!

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