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  Babysteps Program Description        
  Baby-Steps Private Session - 1-on-1 sessions lead and designed by a Pre/Postnatal Exercise Specialist with an advanced knowledge of obstetrics, musculoskeletal function and women’s health. Each session provides an amazing workout while simultaneously educating each individual woman about the changes her body is going through and how to best prepare for labor. Allow us to guide you in developing a plan to help you stay active throughout your pregnancy and beyond.  

Baby-Steps Semi-Private Session - Bring a friend and enjoy all the benefits of a private session for a fraction of the cost. Sessions available for small groups of 2-3 women.

Baby-Steps Group X - A 50-minute session that provides a fun option for pregnant women to come together for a fantastic full-body toning workout. Sessions are geared towards preparing the mother-to-be for the physical demands of labor and the repetitive lifting, holding and toting that come with caring for a newborn.

Baby-Steps Stroller X - Join other new Moms in some of San Diego’s most idyllic settings for incredible outdoor stroller workouts with your baby in-tow. Rev your metabolism, burn fat and get your body back!   

Both private, semi-private and group x sessions address:
1. Movement Preparation 
2. Postural Alignment
3. Functional Strength
4. Labor Specific Intervals
5. Core Integrity
6. Balance

To set up your free initial consultation or for an up-to-date Group X / Stroller X schedule please call  858-997-8286 or e-mail

Baby-Steps Perinatal Fitness is open to pregnant women with a doctor’s written approval (see consent form). During each session, selected pregnancy and exercise related topics will be discussed.

Experience has taught me the value of helping women to set positive, achievable fitness goals, attainable within a reasonable time. I realize that economics can play a role in one’s decision to seek personal training services. I feel strongly that quality pre/postnatal  health services should be within the grasp of all women.  For this reason I have developed a variety of programs, one of which is sure to fit within your budget. Take the first step by calling or e-mailing me to set up your free initial consultation. 

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